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Corporate Acupuncture Wellness Service

 in London

Providing a corporate health care service offers a simple, cost-effective way to help reduce and transform stress and stress related illness or assist in pain control of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and back pain.


Offering acupuncture or massage gives your employees easy access to this beneficial treatment showing them that you are conscious of their health and wellbeing. Stress-free employees are more productive and happier in their jobs.


The service also includes a smoking cessation programme where we can offer on-site auricular acupuncture which helps with the side effects of nicotine withdrawal.


How the Programme Works - The corporate health care service can be set up as regular weekly or bi-weekly by way of on-site acupuncture therapy or you can refer your employees to my Covent Garden clinic.


Cost  - There are several options in setting up the  service - the employer may:


  • offer the programme as an ongoing benefit to employees;

  • pay the hourly rate (minimum two hours scheduled);

  • be billed per treatment (minimum six treatments billed);

  • simply provide the space and employees pay for their own treatments     


Acupuncture and massage therapy are often covered under extended health care plans. 

For more information about the Corporate Care programme please get in touch.

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