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 Low Cost Community Acupuncture Clinic

Health Tree Acupuncture believes that high-quality, affordable healthcare

should be accessible to all and free from financial, social, or geographical


Our mission is to provide gentle, ethical, and affordable solutions to pain,

stress, and illness for the local community and beyond.

We offer evidence-based acupuncture treatments that effectively treat a wide

range of symptoms such as chronic pain, and stress-related illness amongst other

common health concerns.












\We operate as a multibed clinic that allows the treatment of a number of people in the same

room while protecting your privacy, dignity, and confidentiality. Furthermore, it also provides

the opportunity to offer treatments at an affordable rate.

We offer a three-tiered pricing structure. This is to make our offerings as inclusive as possible, 

We ask people to choose the pricing option that is most appropriate for them and recommend

the suggestions below:

massage tables

Suggested (Full price £25+) – Dependent on your income and being in employment if you can afford to pay more this will help us provide more treatments for those less fortunate. Paying it forward is a good way to support your local community.

Students (Concession £20) - Full-time students must show a student ID card.

Minimum (Concession £15) – We have spaces available for anyone in receipt of benefits and those over 65. *You will be required to show proof that you are in receipt of government support.

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