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Acupuncture For IVF/IUI Support and Embryo Transfer In London

Camberwell SE5, Canary Wharf E14

& Bethnal Green E2 



Acupuncture has been reported to increase IVF success rates by up to 65%. The March 2008 issue of the British Medical Journal published the results of a study showing the effectiveness of using acupuncture during IVF. It compared results of women who underwent acupuncture, those who were given sham acupuncture treatments, and those who had no extra therapy. Those who received acupuncture increased their chances of conceiving by 65%!

The process of assisted conception can very stressful and can take from six to eight weeks to complete. Acupuncture during this period can have a positive effect on the emotional and mental stress one may experience during this time.

Some assisted conception treatments will involve drug therapy, used to control the body's hormone levels with the aim of enhancing conception. The use of hormones for some women may have an effect on their wellbeing causing some uncomfortable side effects. Typical side effects include low energy, irritability, headaches, hot flushes, poor sleep, night sweats, bloating and abdominal discomfort. Acupuncture is an effective way to help the body cope during this period. Clinical trials have demonstrated that acupuncture treatment during the medication phase of IVF increases blood supply to the uterus and ovaries, this has a regulatory effect on hormones which may be an important factor in follicle development and implantation.

It is recommended that on the day of embryo transfer that acupuncture is performed before and after embryo transfer, clinical trials have shown a significant increase in pregnancy rates.

Preparation is the key to having a trouble-free pregnancy, birth, and a healthier baby. Traditionally women have taken their health more seriously prior to conception, therefore it is important to regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle. However as the male is responsible for half the genetic makeup, it is vital that he is also in optimum health prior to conception. A course of acupuncture on the lead-up to your IVF treatment can help you prepare for this exciting but sometimes stressful time.

John has undergone extensive training in Fertility Acupuncture at the Royal College of Physicians in London with the renowned Jane Lyttleton.

To make embryo transfer day as stress-free as possible I can arrange a home or hospital visit for your pre and post-transfer acupuncture treatment.

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