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Pain Management London


Are you in physical pain a lot of the time? Perhaps you have been struggling with shoulder pain, back pain or foot pain?

The London Acupuncturist pain clinic focuses on the management and treatment of chronic pain. Many people struggle with chronic pain and long-term pain can be complicated and hard to treat. Doctors may not be able to diagnose exactly why you are experiencing pain in the long-term. Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, you should not have to live life in constant pain. 

At The London Acupuncturist pain clinic, I offer traditional acupuncture and Dr Tan’s Balance Method of acupuncture to treat people in pain. The success rate stands at 85%, and many patients experience up to 50% reduction in pain after the first treatment.

You should not have to suffer in silence, or sit back and live your life with long-term pain. We are here to help.

Keen to find out more? Look to The London Acupuncturist.

pain management London
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