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Why Did You Use That Point. Pericardium 6.

The point Pericardium 6 or ‘Nei Guan’ is a very useful point to know for home use as it has strong anti-nausea effects, and also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is cited in many research studies that the stimulation of Pericardium 6 alleviates nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. The Journal of Autonomic Neuroscience also published an article that showed Pericardium 6 combined with Stomach 36 to have a synergistic effect on gastrointestinal function. In another study, Pericardium 6 has also been shown to help alleviate intractable hiccup.

So we know that Pericardium 6 can be used for any kind of nausea or sickness – including travel, motion sickness and morning sickness. But, it also ‘calms the spirit’ and is used to treat stress and anxiety of all kinds. Next time you are feeling stressed, anxious or nauseous follow these steps to relieve your symptoms.

To find this point measure 3 finger widths up your arm from the wrist crease. Percardium 6 is in between the 2 tendons that run down your arm. Some people have 1 tendon, in which case locate the point on the ulnar side/small finger side of the tendon.

To use the point, simply apply firm pressure with a thumb or finger. You may be familiar with sickness bands available from most pharmacies. They work on the same principal as acupressure and can be used to stimulate the point at any time. If you do use one make sure to place it in the correct position and don't wear it too tight.


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