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Why Did You Use That Point LI4.

Large Intestine 4—also known as Joining Valley is located around the fleshy area between the index finger and thumb. Large Intestine 4 is commonly used by

acupuncturists to treat many conditions such as headache, runny nose, constipation, sinusitis, rhinitis, and toothache.

Note: Large Intestine 4 is contraindicated during pregnancy.

Large Intestine 4 is quite often used in conjunction with Liver 3 (see previous Liver 3 post). This pairing of points is known as The Four Gates. The function of this combination is to open up circulation throughout the entire body. Liver 3 addresses the lower body while Large Intestine 4 the upper body. This is an excellent combination to address symptoms caused by stagnation such as pain, constipation, irregular menstruation,

and feelings of frustration.

To apply acupressure locate Large Intestine 4 by feeling for the tender fleshy area between the index finger and thumb. Feel for tenderness at the point on both hands; if one side feels more tender focus more on the tender side. Apply pressure for about 30 seconds and release. Repeat a few times.

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