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Acupuncture Promotes The Healing Of Bone Fractures.

An independent investigation confirms that acupuncture combined with usual care protocols increases positive patient outcomes rates. Researchers find acupuncture effective for assisting in the restoration of mobility and reductions in both pain and inflammation. A study conducted at The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Anyi County. All patients had supracondylar fractures of the humerus, a type of fracture common in children and teenagers. For both the arm and leg fractures, acupuncture significantly reduced swelling and pain. In addition, acupuncture resulted in improved functioning at the injured sites, with significant improvements in range of motion. The efficacy of the treatment was classified as either excellent, good, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory based on the participants’ clinical characteristics following the study. Those classified as excellent had normal range of motion in the elbow, those classified as good had their range of motion affected by 10 degrees or less, those classified as satisfactory had their range of motion affected by 10–20 degrees, and those classified as unsatisfactory had their range of motion affected by 20 degrees or more. The results of the study indicate that acupuncture significantly improves outcomes for patients with bone fractures. Acupuncture promotes a more complete healing of the bones, improves range of motion, and facilitates faster reductions in swelling and pain.

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