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Boosting Your Happy Hormones 2.

Following on from my previous post here are more tips.

Exercise Regularly - One That You Enjoy

Endorphins are a chemical byproduct released through exercise, they interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce perceived feelings of pain. The opiate receptors in our brain react to the endorphins to boost pleasure and trigger a euphoric feeling.

Exercise also supports dopamine and serotonin production for well-rounded happiness. We all react to exercise in different ways, its important to find an exercise you enjoy. For some it could be gentle yoga, others a high intensity workout. The goal doesn't need to be about how hard you push yourself, it's the practice of moving your body in general that supports the happy hormone. Now you have some choices to add to your self-care routine, go slowly adding things gradually as trying everything in one hit can often be overwhelming and then abandoned. Small steps will bring greater rewards.

Do Something Each Day That Makes You Feel Good

There is evidence to support this simple practice. When we do something that we love, happiness increases, it's important to make time available for doing something that brings you joy. It might be as easy as a quick phone call to a family member or a long walk in nature with your pet or a close friend. Perhaps you have a passion for cooking, or an artistic project such as photography. Allowing yourself 'me time" each day can make you happier. Follow your passion, it's never too late. Who knows where it can take you.

Happiness is key to living a healthy and fulfilling life. The world we live in at the moment brings questions, fear and anxiety for many. Our experiences of the world can have a direct impact in our physical and mental health. Taking time for yourself isn't selfish, it's essential. Having a self care routine will enhance your well-being. Besides you can't run on empty.

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