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Low Cost Community Acupuncture

An image of a tree with Health Tree Acupuncture written underneath

The London Acupuncturist is hosting Health Tree Acupuncture, a low cost community acupuncture clinic in Bethnal Green. The clinic is part of The Wellbeing Sessions project created by St Margaret's House, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. Their mission is to create positive social change leading to healthier and happier communities. The project offers art workshops, well-being sessions, live events and much more.


At Health Tree Acupuncture we passionately believe that high-quality, affordable healthcare should be accessible to all and free from financial, social, or geographical barriers. We offer a three-tiered pricing structure, this makes our offerings as inclusive as possible. We operate as a multi-bed clinic, which allows treatment of a number of people in the same room while protecting privacy, dignity, and confidentiality. Furthermore, it also provides the opportunity to offer treatments at an affordable rate. This allows us to provide gentle, ethical, and affordable solutions to pain, stress, and illness. The clinic serves the local community and others beyond with access to affordable acupuncture treatment

for a wide range of symptoms, especially chronic

pain and stress related illness.

Every Friday 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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