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New Community Acupuncture Clinic Opening in Bethnal Green.

I am pleased to announce my involvement with a new community project opening in early spring. However, this is dependent on London being out of lockdown by then.

The project will be offering services to the local community, creating a hub of integrated health and arts activities.

My involvement is to offer a community acupuncture clinic in collaboration with St Margarets House in Bethnal Green.

What is Community Acupuncture then?  

Community Acupuncture offers gentle, ethical, and affordable solutions to pain, stress, and illness. 

The clinic will be run by myself and fellow acupuncturist Andrew Burton. We both passionately believe that high-quality, affordable healthcare should be accessible to all and free from financial, social, or geographical barriers.  

St Margaret's House Community Acupuncture Clinic will be a multi-bed clinic. This allows us to treat a number of people in the same room while protecting privacy, dignity, and confidentiality. Furthermore, it will also give us the opportunity to offer treatments at an affordable rate. 

A multi-bed clinic will be able to serve the local community with access to acupuncture treatments that effectively treat a wide range of symptoms. Effective treatment for chronic pain or stress-related illness can have a profound effect on many people, this will obviously have a knock-on effect on overall wellbeing.

Once we get through this lockdown we aim to open our doors to the local community as soon as possible. Our plan was for a January launch, but the pandemic had other plans.

We're really excited about the project and the ideas we have for the future to support the health and wellbeing of the local community.

For now, we wish you a great start to 2021 and look forward to welcoming you to an oasis of calm to support your health in the near future.


John Philbin


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